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You don't need to suffer from sore feet

Have you got sore feet and don’t know what type of shoe is best for you? Here are tips to help you find the best shoes for sore feet. But first before we look into the shoes, it’s important to know more about what sore feet are.
What are sore feet?
This is a condition where individual’s feet get swollen and most often painful. There are those people who are affected by sore feet at any one time or the other.
The soreness and the associated pain prevents the affected person from walking properly, standing, dancing, running, or even carrying out other essential dairy activities.
Sometimes the pain is extreme causing much discomfort. It is important for you to pay attention to your feet because with such kind of extreme feet soreness, you might end up being grounded.
What causes sore feet?
The sore feet can signify that the person might be suffering from an underlying problem. Another cause of sore feet is a condition known as fasciitis. Overuse of your feet and wearing the wrong type and ill-fitting shoes will also cause feet sores.
Other causes are a new set of pair of shoes, sports injury, pregnancy, foot trauma, obesity, muscle strain and age. The soreness is usually located in the arch, the heel, the toes area, or the ball of the foot.
The affected part becomes sore, reddish, inflammation occurs, pain may also be felt in other areas like knees, back, hips, or ankles. All these will cause difficulties in walking and wearing of shoes.
However, sore feet should not prevent you from carrying out your daily activities. It should not be a hindrance to your enjoyment of life.
.How to overcome sore feet problem
You will require going to see The Podiatrist so that you can be examined and given the required treatment. But even as you go through your treatment, you will require choosing best shoes for sore feet.
Choosing the best shoes will definitely help you to alleviate much of the pain caused by the sore feet. The best shoes for sore feet ought to support the feet well. With well supported feet you will be able to walk more comfortably and reduce further injury to the affected parts.
Using the right shoes will aide your healing process and allow you to continue with your day to day activities. Good quality shoes are thus a must to have so as to be able to tackle this problem of sore feet.
Yes it is possible to carry out with your sporting activities even when you are suffering from sore feet. You can also be able to carry out other various strenuous activities such as running by simply making the right choice of your shoes.
Thin soles shoes will not be good for sore feet. This is because they give your feet shock as you walk or carry out your activities. Thick soled shoes are the ideal ones.
They mostly come with extra padding layers and air bubbles that help in absorbing the shock preventing it from harming your feet or reaching the affected areas.
There are many designs of comfortable shoes to choose from. When shopping for the best shoes for sore feet it is important to check the key features of the shoes type you want.
The most important will be the cushioning the shoe will offer. Light weight shoes will also be ideal but with a thick sole capable of absorbing any shock.
So, with the right kind of shoes, you will be able to prevent the sore feet problem and if you already have it, see The Podiatrist.

Contact The Podiatrist if you have any problems.


About Your feet and podiatry with Caron Orelowitz | Registered Podiatrist - Auckland

Caron Orelowitz was born in Johannesburg and emigrated to New Zealand in 1997. She studied Podiatry at The Witwatersrand Technikon and was in private practice in South Africa for a few years, before setting off to ‘the other side of the world’. Auckland Podiatry. Since 1998 she has been helping people of all ages who have problems with their feet, from the elderly, to sports people, and those who just want some TLC for the feet. At present she has 5 practices (with a satellite Diabetes Practice out West Auckland), owns a children’s shoe shop (Scooters in Remuera), and tries to fit in some exercise when time permits. Caron is an active member of Podiatry New Zealand (NZ), and holds the position of Treasurer for the Auckland Branch, as well as representing the Northern Region on the Executive Council. She is registered under HPCAA (Health Practitioner Competency Assurance Act), and is often seen attending (and organizing) Seminars and workshops. Caron has a special interest in Paediatrics and can often be seen on the floor showing children some exercises. ACC registered Discounts for Super Gold Card Holders, members of Grey Power and Green Prescription participants.

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