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Your feet need just a little bit of tender loving care
Your feet take the brunt of your weight for hours everyday. And unfortunately they are, at times, also the most ignored part of your body. Don’t wait for aching feet to get your attention. Your feet take the impact of your entire body weight and help you balance. And any injury on your muscles, tendons and ligaments can be very debilitating. Your feet face a number of problems. From foot odour, cracked heels, corns bunions, ingrown nails and fungal infections can cause a lot of discomfort. While some problems can’t be avoided, some can be avoided by paying a little extra attention to your feet. A simple daily regimen keeps your feet functioning well…
Choose the right footwear
If you wear shoes that are ill-fitting, painful or loose, you’re inviting foot problems. Your shoes have to fit just right — neither too tight nor too loose. Shoes that are tight are known to cause corns, ingrown toenails and aches. On the other hand, shoes that are loose, don’t allow your your heels from settling in properly, increasing your chances of blisters, calluses and sore heels. Always buy footwear at the latter part of the day because your feet expand towards the end of the day. Avoid wearing heels regularly — they can damage the bones of your feet. Instead, opt for a comfortable pair of flats or one inch heels from daily wear. Shoes made out of synthetics don’t breathe well because they trap moisture and heat; go in for natural materials like leather and cotton which keep feet cool. Try and alternate your shoes, so that both pairs have a chance to dry out before being worn again.
Go for regular walks
While we tend to be on our feet all day long, regular exercise for your feet is also important. Your foot muscles need exercise to remain strong, and keep tendons and ligaments flexible.
You can use arch support inserts if you like. These keep your feet in the correct position and support your weight when you walk.
Wash your feet
While washing your feet daily in the shower is a must, make it a habit to wash them at the end of the day as well. Especially if you wear closed shoes, the moisture and sweat makes it easy for bacteria and fungi to flourish between your toes causing bad odour and even fungal infections. Washing your feet will ensure that nothing dirty accumulates. Dry your feet well and use a foot powder if you want.
Moisturise well
If you moisturise your body, why skip your feet? While the skin on your feet is rougher (because of the daily wear and tear), it is also more prone to being drier and cracked. Use a lotion, which is rich in cocoa butter, which is a natural emollient and excellent for feet. Apply it when you go to bed at night and wear socks so that the lotion can stay on yout feet instead of getting rubbed off on the sheets. Even if you’re at home, make it a habit to wear socks — whether you’ve moisturised your feet or no. Socks protect your feet from blisters and absorb moisture.
Have regular appointments with The Podiatrist
Treat yourself to an appointment once a month at least. Soaking your feet and exfoliating your soles makes them softer and healthier. Use only Gewhol foot care products (which are available at The Podiatrist)

Contact The Podiatrist if you have any problems.


About Your feet and podiatry with Caron Orelowitz | Registered Podiatrist - Auckland

Caron Orelowitz was born in Johannesburg and emigrated to New Zealand in 1997. She studied Podiatry at The Witwatersrand Technikon and was in private practice in South Africa for a few years, before setting off to ‘the other side of the world’. Auckland Podiatry. Since 1998 she has been helping people of all ages who have problems with their feet, from the elderly, to sports people, and those who just want some TLC for the feet. At present she has 5 practices (with a satellite Diabetes Practice out West Auckland), owns a children’s shoe shop (Scooters in Remuera), and tries to fit in some exercise when time permits. Caron is an active member of Podiatry New Zealand (NZ), and holds the position of Treasurer for the Auckland Branch, as well as representing the Northern Region on the Executive Council. She is registered under HPCAA (Health Practitioner Competency Assurance Act), and is often seen attending (and organizing) Seminars and workshops. Caron has a special interest in Paediatrics and can often be seen on the floor showing children some exercises. ACC registered Discounts for Super Gold Card Holders, members of Grey Power and Green Prescription participants.

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