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achilles tendonitis can be painful

What is Achilles Tendonitis?

Achilles tendonitis is inflammation along the Achilles tendon found on the back of the lower leg attaching the calf muscles to the heel bone. The Achilles tendon is the largest tendon in the body and is responsible plantarflexion of the ankle (causing the front of the foot to lower and lift the heel off the ground). Achilles tendonitis is typically caused by overuse (running and jumping type exercises).
What are causes of Achilles Tendonitis?
Achilles Tendonitis is usually due to overuse, but this tends to happen in specific situations:
• Sudden increase in the amount or intensity of activity
• Tight calf muscles
• Running on hard surfaces such as concrete
• Running too often
• Frequent jumping activities (such in volleyball or basketball)
• Using shoes with improper support

How is Achilles Tendonitis Diagnosed?

Typically only a physical exam is needed to diagnose Achilles Tendonitis. In some more involved cases Diagnostic Ultrasound and even an MRI may be warranted.
What is the treatment for Achilles Tendonitis?
Most cases of Achilles Tendonitis can be treated conservatively. This involves a number of modalities including:
• Decreasing or stopping all high impact activity until the acute inflammatory phase has passed.
• Running or walking on softer or smoother surfaces.
• Switching to swimming or biking for aerobic activity
• Stretching exercises
• Strengthening exercises with eccentric contractions of the Achilles.
• Heel lifts in the shoes
• Foot Orthoses

If you are suffering from any foot pain, see The Podiatrist.


About Your feet and podiatry with Caron Orelowitz | Registered Podiatrist - Auckland

Caron Orelowitz was born in Johannesburg and emigrated to New Zealand in 1997. She studied Podiatry at The Witwatersrand Technikon and was in private practice in South Africa for a few years, before setting off to ‘the other side of the world’. Auckland Podiatry. Since 1998 she has been helping people of all ages who have problems with their feet, from the elderly, to sports people, and those who just want some TLC for the feet. At present she has 5 practices (with a satellite Diabetes Practice out West Auckland), owns a children’s shoe shop (Scooters in Remuera), and tries to fit in some exercise when time permits. Caron is an active member of Podiatry New Zealand (NZ), and holds the position of Treasurer for the Auckland Branch, as well as representing the Northern Region on the Executive Council. She is registered under HPCAA (Health Practitioner Competency Assurance Act), and is often seen attending (and organizing) Seminars and workshops. Caron has a special interest in Paediatrics and can often be seen on the floor showing children some exercises. ACC registered Discounts for Super Gold Card Holders, members of Grey Power and Green Prescription participants.

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