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Summer is just round the corner and whilst a lot of us have become preoccupied with toning our tummies, banishing the bingo wings and perfecting those pins, there’s one aspect of our bodies that might have been a little overlooked… our feet.
They’ve been covered up for almost 6 months, living under tights, socks and slippers, being crammed into boots, pumps and trainers so it’s probably safe to say your tootsies aren’t looking all that fresh. If you want to get your feet prepped in time for summer, sandals and sand then read on for some handy pampering tips:
First things first, before you begin the beauty regime it’s time to talk foot-health. If you’ve been experiencing pain or discomfort over the winter months that won’t go away despite frequently changing your footwear then it’s time you spoke to The Podiatrist to help suss out what’s wrong and advise on the best footwear to help correct your feet.
Next, take an evening to soak both your feet in warm water. You can add salts or herbal oils to relieve stress – lavender is a good option here. Take some Epsom bath salts and add this to your foot spa. After your feet have been soaking for ten minutes, rub the salts clockwise on the skin of your feet to help remove any dead skin that might have built up over the winter months.
After twenty minutes of soaking, take a pumice to remove any excess dry skin, rinsing your feet afterwards.
Once your feet have dried, take a nail file and clippers and get to work on those unruly nails! Cut and file away until each nail is looking equal/

Apply a moisturising lotion. Use lots, and take this time to sit and chill – moisturising your feet works best when you don’t immediately have to put socks and shoes on straight away as you need to give your feet time to soak in the moisture.
Ta-da! Your feet are prepped and ready to step into summer.

For all your foot care needs- see The Podiatrist


About Your feet and podiatry with Caron Orelowitz | Registered Podiatrist - Auckland

Caron Orelowitz was born in Johannesburg and emigrated to New Zealand in 1997. She studied Podiatry at The Witwatersrand Technikon and was in private practice in South Africa for a few years, before setting off to ‘the other side of the world’. Auckland Podiatry. Since 1998 she has been helping people of all ages who have problems with their feet, from the elderly, to sports people, and those who just want some TLC for the feet. At present she has 5 practices (with a satellite Diabetes Practice out West Auckland), owns a children’s shoe shop (Scooters in Remuera), and tries to fit in some exercise when time permits. Caron is an active member of Podiatry New Zealand (NZ), and holds the position of Treasurer for the Auckland Branch, as well as representing the Northern Region on the Executive Council. She is registered under HPCAA (Health Practitioner Competency Assurance Act), and is often seen attending (and organizing) Seminars and workshops. Caron has a special interest in Paediatrics and can often be seen on the floor showing children some exercises. ACC registered Discounts for Super Gold Card Holders, members of Grey Power and Green Prescription participants.

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