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We are nearly into the summer months. That means your feet are (and have been) on constant hibernation in shoes and socks. It’s almost time for backyard barbecues, tubing trips, stoopside soirees and every other sandal you can imagine. If the thought of open sandals makes your toes curl (in a “hide me now” kind of way), it’s time to crank up the TLC on those sore, tired puppies and give them some much-deserved love. They are, after all, the hardest-working two feet you’ll ever run around town on.

To get the lowdown on best at-home foot care practices, we recommend seeing The Podiatrist for regular professional care. A regular at-home regimen should keep your feet clean, smooth and, above all, healthy.

Do this in warm water for at least 10 minutes before you use any tools on your feet. It softens the skin and gives you an excuse to catch up on that stack of magazines you’ve been meaning to read. To kill off any bacteria and fungus lurking on your feet, Le recommends using an antiseptic product like Gehwol Herb Bath.

Slough off dead skin with a pumice stone, or Gehwol foot scrubbing stone.

Trim and file your nails weekly to avoid dirt build-up. Be sure to routinely soak your clippers in rubbing alcohol before and after use to avoid spreading bacteria.

Moisturize. Slather on the foot cream which has a rich, creamy formula with emollients to lock in moisture for at least a couple of hours. If you’re doing this before bed, throw on a pair of socks to keep the moisturizer in its place. This is also an opportune time to dab a drop of tea tree oil on each nail to protect from fungus.

We have an extensive range of foot care products to keep your feet looking good for the summer

Get started on resolving your foot problem today.

Call The Podiatrist for any foot care needs.


About Your feet and podiatry with Caron Orelowitz | Registered Podiatrist - Auckland

Caron Orelowitz was born in Johannesburg and emigrated to New Zealand in 1997. She studied Podiatry at The Witwatersrand Technikon and was in private practice in South Africa for a few years, before setting off to ‘the other side of the world’. Auckland Podiatry. Since 1998 she has been helping people of all ages who have problems with their feet, from the elderly, to sports people, and those who just want some TLC for the feet. At present she has 5 practices (with a satellite Diabetes Practice out West Auckland), owns a children’s shoe shop (Scooters in Remuera), and tries to fit in some exercise when time permits. Caron is an active member of Podiatry New Zealand (NZ), and holds the position of Treasurer for the Auckland Branch, as well as representing the Northern Region on the Executive Council. She is registered under HPCAA (Health Practitioner Competency Assurance Act), and is often seen attending (and organizing) Seminars and workshops. Caron has a special interest in Paediatrics and can often be seen on the floor showing children some exercises. ACC registered Discounts for Super Gold Card Holders, members of Grey Power and Green Prescription participants.

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