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Soothe Your Morning Foot Pain | The Podiatrist and yourfeetnz

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It is true that your two feet bear the entire load of your body. It is only natural that you will experience some sort of pain the body.
It is said that for those who have a constant routine of standing for long period of hours will experience aching feet. Sore feet is a common problem among elderly teachers wherein which their occupation is such that they have to stand constantly to teach their little kids.
Elderly teachers who are suffering with sore feet through the day, need to perform these foot pain treatments to help ease their pain. It is also said that the foot pain in the morning is the most severe.
These foot treatments which is listed below can help get rid of swollen and aching feet. For people with swollen feet at day’s end, walking and moving the feet and ankles up and down can help, as it circulates blood back to the heart.
The Podiatrist says that if you are standing on your feet all day long and not contracting your muscles, everything drains to the feet. The swelling in your feet which results to pain and exacerbated by shoes might not accommodate it therefore causing your feet to pain all the more. Foot pain is a common ailments found in almost every second person. In case you are suffering from terrible foot pain, there is no need to dose yourself with medications. All you have to do is follow these foot pin treatments in the morning before you start your day.

Soaking your feet- The basic way to soothe foot pain is to pamper your feet for half an hour with peppermint oil and hot water. If you do not have peppermint at home, you can use a strong cup of peppermint tea added to hot water for soaking your feet.

Feet workout- Sometimes, when you are in pain, the best alternative to ease pain is to do a small workout. To soothe foot pain try this foot workout. Scatter a few pencils on the floor, and pick them up with your toes. This little exercise will help relieve foot ache.

Foot massage -Spas and expensive massage parlours are not necessary when it comes to a foot massage. It is self taught! All you have to do is roll your bare feet over a tennis ball for several minutes till you feel relief.

Water Therapy- The use of hot and cold water is the best therapy to treat foot pain. Hot water promotes blood flow and cold treatment will reduce the inflammation in your aching feet. If you have foot pain in the morning, this is the best therapy for you. All you need to do is apply a heat pad and an ice pack alternately for ten minutes on your foot

Epsom Salts -The use of epsom salts is the best foot pain treatment. These salts will help to soothe your feet giving you instant relief. Take three tablespoons of Epsom salts and add it to a tub of warm water and soak your feet for fifteen minutes. You should know that Epsom salts can make your feet dry, so apply a dab of foot moisturiser on your feet after the treatment

Ice -The ice therapy is a good way to reduce pain and swelling on the feet. Crushed ice is good to reduce the inflammation. With the help of a plastic ice pack, move in circular motion on your foot. Make sure not to apply the ice pack for more than ten minutes at a time, as it will damage the skin and nerves.

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Foot Pain Arch – Everything You Need To Know

It is a fact that we misuse our feet every day. We rarely notice their importance until we develop pain or complications. The complications that are related to the feet are due to prolonged standing and waking. Cramming them into shoes that do not properly fit is a major issue associated with foot pain.

It is a fact that most of the pains we experience on our feet are due to overworking of the hind limbs. The movement of feet is controlled by a group of four muscles. These muscles are not only active when we are walking but even when we are standing still. Just like any other muscle except the heart muscles, they often become fatigued. After getting fatigued, they become unable to properly support the feet thus resulting in discomfort. As a result of prolonged standing, blood circulation might be more towards the feet thus increasing the chances of feet swelling.

The term arch pain is generally used to point at the symptoms which occur under the foot’s arch. If you are suffering from foot pain arch, you will probably experience excess inflammation of tissues that are within the mid foot area. You might be wondering what really this foot arch is. Yes, the foot arch is a result of the connection between the heel bone and the toes through a tight band tissue.

The band of tissue is particularly important in the event of transferring body weight from the heel onto the toes. In situations where the arch tissues become too inflamed and irritated, even simple movements can be very painful.

Plantar fasciitis is the major cause of foot pain. It refers to the inflammation of the tissues which help connect the heel to the toes. Some of the most pronounced symptoms of this condition are morning pains on the joints. Even when you walk long distances, you tend to experience much pains.

The pain is usually worse in the mornings when you first get out of bed and is mainly as a result of the contraction of the plantar fascia during sleep. When you wake up in the morning, the tissues in the fascia are still tight and thus much prone to irritations resulting from touch. With prolonged standing and activity the affected area becomes painful and inflamed.

The treatment of this condition is accomplished through the use of stretches and inserts placed inside the shoes that you wear. In case you are suffering from a painful arch, it might be important to avoid the whole high-heel business. Flat or moderately heeled shoes would really work well for you.

The most ideal way to cure the pain is prevention of the condition. Through wearing appropriate shoes, involving yourself in strengthening workouts, and stretching among others are most ideal in protecting yourself against any cases of discomfort. The relief techniques for foot arch pain are abbreviated as RICE i.e., Rest, Ice, compression, and elevation.

Resting the affected area allows the tissues to recover as well as preventing any much strain to the arch muscles. Icing helps to reduce the chances of swelling after a tedious activity. On the other hand, compression helps to avert any chances of swelling while also ensuring that the affected area is stabilized. Lastly, the aspect of elevation can control the swelling even further.

The arch, which is the mid-foot is used for shifting weight to the heels. Therefore in the event that this strap is infected it becomes almost impossible to carry on the daily tasks. The plantar is the major culprit when it comes to the pain of the arch. Why this? This is because the plantar and fascia is the muscle which helps the arch perform its function properly. It is what links the arch to the knee and hence the toes. No matter the degree of pains, the main cause of arch pains is as a result of prolonged activity such as walking or standing.

Please see The Podiatrist if you are experiencing any problems. This information is merely a guide and should not replace expert attention.